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As the majority of us understand, showers can end up being unattractive mostly due to the warm humid conditions in a bathroom. Seals and grout can discolour. They might even end up being polluted with micro organisms such as mould and mildew. Once seals and grout end up being discoloured, there is no chance to restore them by use of conventional cleansing methods. The only solution is to take away the old silicon sealants or grout and replace them with high quality products.

Keeping your bath, shower and sinks leak-proof with a good silicon seal prevents water ingress into the material of the structure. Even small breaks in the seal can trigger gradual ingress which is often left undetected causing damage to beams, plasterboard, decoration and saturation/damp in strong walls.

Among the most common tasks we do is resealing bath tubs, basins or showers. After a couple of years silicone sealant might look tired and mouldy. Also the adhesive properties might decrease which would lead to leakages, so changing it with a new one is a recommended idea. Our work would guarantee there is a good joint between surfaces and improved appearance of your bathroom or kitchen.

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Worn out silicon will also age to an off white and sometimes yellow colour, or even have black mould spots growing producing an unpleasant bathroom appearance.

There is no easier and cheaper way to freshen up your bathroom than with a brand-new bead of silicon.

An expert sealing service guarantees that you will not have difficulties with mildew and fungi in the future. The specialist handymen understand precisely how to apply sealants to guarantee they will serve their purpose. And the job will be done easily and effectively, without disrupting your daily regimens by too much.

Grouts and silicon sealants have actually vastly got better in the last 10 years with the arrival of integrated Microban. Microban is mixed in throughout the products manufacturing process, providing the item the ability to interfere with and manage the development of micro organisms that can trigger spots, smells, mould and mildew.

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What does it cost??
At our standard per hour rate expect this visit to be priced at around ₤ 80.

Products for this job are usually ₤ 15 and are included in the labour costs above.

We always utilise professional, mould resistant sealers.

Exactly what is involved?
All the old silicone will have to be totally removed, the surface area cleaned up and dried thoroughly and a brand-new bead of silicone sealant applied.

The length of time needed?
It is the removing of the old sealant that takes the majority of the time, it is vital that the old silicone is totally gotten rid of and each of the surfaces are clean and dry. This will guarantee great sealing properties. Expect resealing to take between 1 to 2 hours (depending upon location) for standard bathtub or shower enclosures.

Who provides the materials?
We will bring all the appropriate tools needed along with the silicone sealant.

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Call Us For Shower Sealing In Nottingham – 0115 822 4995