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Maybe your silicone sealant (sometimes called mastic or caulk) or grout is past it’s finest and you’ve chosen to have it changed. Possibly you are thinking about marketing your property for sale or maybe lease it, and wish to ensure that prospective clients are not put off by mouldy silicone sealant and black grout around your shower tray or bath?

Dripping shower trays and baths can prove to be pricey if the silicone sealant is not addressed without delay. A leakage can harm your living space underneath, your plasterboard and joists, even your electrics, permitting mould to take hold and harm your property.

Possibly you have considered the DIY technique (applying silicone sealant and getting a good looking leak {free} finish is tricky and time consuming) to changing your silicone sealant and resealing your shower, but have deterred by the hassle or time restraints. Whatever the reason, we are very pleased to be able to offer a superior silicone sealer and grout replacement solution in your location. We are client focused and just use the very best premium silicone sealers with mildew inhibitors. If you choose to use our services, we can guarantee you that anyone will not be dissatisfied– feel free to take a look at our guarantee and testimonials.

Damaged Silicone or Black & Mouldy Bath Tub Seal?
Have you spent thousands on your bath room ?
Don’t let mouldy silicone sealer spoil it.
Badly used silicone sealer spoils the look of any bathroom.
Expertly applied Silicone Sealer can really add that perfect touch.
Does your Silicone Sealer have “The Seal of Approval”?!

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We can remove your old mouldy silicone and change it with guaranteed brand-new white silicone and make your bathtub look brand-new once again. We can stop any leaks and you will be surprised by just how much better your shower and bathroom will look simply by changing your old bath tub seal.

What does it cost??
At our basic per hour rate anticipate this visit to be priced at around ₤ 80.

Products for this job are generally ₤ 15 and are all in the labour costs above.

We always use top grade, mould resistant sealers.

What is involved?
All the old silicone will have to be totally gotten rid of, the surface cleaned up and dried thoroughly and a brand-new bead of silicone sealant put in place.

For how long does it take?
It is the getting rid of the old silicone that takes most of the time, it is vital that all the old silicone is totally removed and both surface areas are clean and dry. This will ensure good sealing results. Anticipate resealing to take between 1 to 2 hours (depending upon location) for basic bathtub or showers.

Who provides what?
We will bring all the correct tools required along with the silicone sealer.

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Call Us For Bath Sealing In Nottingham – 0115 822 4995